A small development studio specializing in backend data-heavy applications and database API services.

What is DaRE Software?

We are a team of web app developers for hire, we can take your web application concept from napkin sketch to implementation quickly, efficiently, and securely.

On budget

We will deliver your project on budget, we handle all sizes of projects and anticipate issues before they pop up..

On time

Project management is second nature to us, we will give you a realistic timeline and stick to it.

Customer focused

This is your project, we won't expand your scope beyond your needs, but we will offer suggestions upfront and will always ensure security and design is fully thought out before we start.

Future ready

We anticipate your success and growth and can offer a full spectrum of support from web to mobile.

Full stack

While we offer a full stack program, we are core developers specializing in the complex data heavy backend systems. We love getting our hands dirty with C/C++ as much as Python and PHP.

Need help now?

We specialize in recovering off-the-rails projects and reining in out of control development expenses. We can figure out existing systems that need attention and fix your mission-critical issues today.


Work with us


We will take your requirements and specs to deliver a detailed project plan and price.

Integration experts

Why reinvent the wheel when you can leverage open source and commercial tools, we can take on your most complex integration project using the technology you specify, and if it doesn't exist, we'll make it. Get your apps and partners apps talking by adding API access and unified storage across your suite of offerings. We can lower your operating costs and reduce maintenance.

Project Recovery

Existing project or application broken and off the rails. We can review your system and find a fix, add new features, or just make it work again.

No obligation

Get a free quote, always confidential with or without an NDA, and own your IP with all rights upon final payment and project acceptance.

Low risk

We start work on a small retainer for new clients and will release progress code at pre-defined payment milestones. Don't be left high and dry by fly-by-night cowboy developers, hire the pros today!


Have us as your IT team, on a monthly retainer we can maintain your cloud infrastructure up to date with patches, testing, troubleshooting and code repair.


Changes and new features to previous projects are a breeze, even small changes can be handled by our experienced team. We know stuff happens and your needs can shift, we throw a few changes in to our projects for free and can pivot our goals as your needs change for a reasonable charge.

Global reach

We are based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and We have global reach into developers around the globe, we can work local around the world in your time zone, currency, and even language.

Amazon Gurus

From S3 and EC2 we can setup your front or back to scale as needed or grow when costs are lower. We can setup and deploy RDS, Cloudfront, SQS, IAM, and more! We live security so we know the lowest access permissions are key as is logging and auditing trails. We can set up your infrastructure new or review and repair your current configuration.


All it takes is an email to get started. Jump start your project on a DaRE today.

Got an idea for a project and need a developer?

Email us today for free no obligation quote. Whether you're local or global we can help you finish your project at a reasonable cost.

Joe Hall
Web App Developer Team Lead

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